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Pasted Chipboard

Pasted Chipboard is made with recycled paper which is pressed into rigid solid non-bending fiberboard, then laminated to achieve thickness. The lamination process makes the board very strong and rigid. Because of the recycled fibers the color can vary from a golden brown to a flat gray. This inexpensive rigid board is often used for book covers, set up boxes, furniture manufacturing, packaging, and any other application when a inexpensive, rigid board is required. Pasted Chipboard is a 100% Recycled Paperboard. It is compostable, biodegradable and recyclable. Pasted Chipboard is a great "Green Alternative" to using wood or other materials and Lamitech can produce board as heavy as your application requires.

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Category: Mounting and Die Cutting Indoor Recycled Recycleable Brown Gray
Pasted Chipboard
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Stocked Sizes

.070 (1.8mm) .080 (2.0mm) .085 (2.2mm) .120  (3mm)
29 x 46 39 x 26 29 x 46 26 x 38
    36 x 48 32 x 40
For thinner weights under .070 (1.8mm) visit Smooth Chipboard
For Solid Black Chipboard visit: Solid Black

Custom Sizes

We have the ability to cut to size and manufature to larger sizes, please inquiry below.


Backing Boards Gaskets Displays
Slip Sheets Pad Backs Separator
Desk Pads Frame Backers Fillers
Furniture Backers Stiffiners Crafting
Boxes Puzzles Partitions
Packaging Book Covers Door Panels


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