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Five Reasons to Choose Lamitech as Your Paperboard Supplier

Five Reasons to Choose Lamitech as Your Paperboard Supplier

It should come as no surprise that I think being a Lamitech customer is a great idea. My role allows me a front row view of the effort we put into meeting the needs of our customers. If I had to pick the top five reasons why becoming a Lamitech customer is a great idea, here’s what I would choose. 

1. Commitment to Quality
Delivering paperboard at the level of quality customers need is such a vital part of our operations, that sometimes it goes without saying. Over the decades, we have developed strong relationships with the mills, and they’re well aware of the quality standards we have in place. And that focus on quality is something we continue to provide our customers.

2. Expert-Level Converting
There’s no doubt about it, our operators insure that Lamitech meets the needs of our customers. The majority of our production staff has more than 20 years of experience with Lamitech, and they have elevated paperboard converting into a craft. They are able to work with difficult paperboards, achieve precise tolerances, and deliver on quality like no other.

3. Top Notch Customer Service
Our commitment to customer service is something that helps set us apart from other paperboard suppliers. Whether we’re working with new or returning customers, and whether we’re providing large or small quantities, we’re committed to providing customers with the "Lamitech Experience"

4. Minimum Order Policy
Sometimes, you only need a couple pounds of solid black chipboard. And in those times, it’s nice to get what you need without being charged some outrageous lot charge. Providing small quantities of paperboard to customers is something we take pride in doing without compromising our commitment to quality. So, if you need a 200# of .080 Solid Black Chipboard, we’re happy to provide it – without an exorbitant setuo charge.

5. Reliable Delivery
Providing our customers with on-time delivery is one of our core business standards. We want you to know that the lead time you’re quoted is going to be met with 99% accuracy. In an industry where tight timelines are the norm, having a delivery date you can rely on eases pressure for our customers.

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