New Price Increases

March 01, 2021 - Several market factors, including transportation rates and the strengthening American paperboard market, have increased our costs significantly.  This has affected our entire industry very quickly. Many of our industries and product categories are seeing rising material costs. We continually work to mitigate cost increases through greater efficiency and have maintained our current pricing on average for 2 years or more, unfortunately the current conditions are extreme and require us to act..
The exact increase varies between grades, but on average will be around 7-8% on current business and all product orders should request the current price. In addition based upon dialog with a variety of suppliers and market information we would also feel it necessary that you be aware that this adjustment might not be the only one this year. We will continue to keep you informed of potential changes in the industry and help reduce any impact this may cause. We have tried to minimize the increase as much as possible and if you have any questions, please contact your Lamitech representative.
We appreciate your ongoing support during the unprecedented times has presented to all of us. Lamitech is committed to servicing your account in this difficult and challenging environment. 
Thank you again for your business!

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