Ecological Fibers is Announcing a Price Increase on All Orders Placed

Ecological Fibers is announcing a price increase on all orders placed on or after May 1, 2021.
The re-opening of the economy has triggered an inflationary environment and over the past 3 months, transportation costs and virtually all of the materials we source have increased - in some cases dramatically. We have no option but to offset these additional costs in our product pricing going forward.
Generally speaking, increases on our Rainbow® Uncoated and Coated Papers, Textiles, Flocked Paper, and PU products will be in the 3-5% range. 
We continue to invest in our operations to improve efficiency and are currently preparing to install equipment into our Massachusetts facility towards this goal.   
Please contact your Sales or Customer Service Representative with any questions you may have. We appreciate your support and as always will do our best to minimize the impact on our customers.
Ecological Fibers

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